About the proposed park

The South Okanagan-Similkameen is our home. It is where we learned to fly a kite, where we built our home, where we raised our children.

Graham Osborne We have the opportunity to create a national park in this region, providing protection of a unique and diverse ecological region of Canada and a refuge for many species at risk. Additionally, the park’s establishment will bring an array of economic and social benefits to local communities.

We understand that the well-being of our local environment is vital to the health of our local communities and people. While the establishment of the national park would conserve a national treasure of indigenous plants and animals, it would also enrich the lives of both local residents and visitors. We envision the national park bringing economic prosperity, greater human health and an increased access and opportunities for recreation and education.


Similkameen Valley at Sunset. Preserved Light Photography

A national park will provide careers for our friends and families, boost our local economy, and ensure the protection of the land so that we can continue to enjoy it.  This will be our national park.

We also believe that it is a local, national and international responsibility to preserve the proposed park area, one of the remaining in-tact areas of the Interior Plateau of BC.

There is immense value in it’s health, not only for ourselves and future generations, but also for the many endangered species that share this home with us, and are dependent on us to take a stand and preserve a small piece of their quickly disappearing habitat.

We urge you to join us in realizing our vision and show your support to preserve this precious area before it is too late.


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